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Working in partnership - Cheviot Trees and Forestry CommissionGiven the high demand and current scarcity of Cell Grown planting stock many customers are utilising our ‘contract growing’ service. The name may sound daunting but the process is incredibly simple.

By contract growing your requirements with Cheviot Trees you can be guaranteed that your stock will be what you are looking for - the right size, at the right price, ready and available when you want it, from the right seed source and importantly that it has been grown in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is contract growing?

Contract growing is an advance plant order that provides the customer with a product that has been produced according to their specification.

What are the benefits of contract growing?

There are many, but the main benefits include: Security and confidence of supply, potential cost savings and more importantly, the ability to specify features such as cell size, compost type, plant heights etc.

How long does it take?

The lead time is variable depending on the species and type of seed treatment but it is typically between 12-24 months.

Who supplies the propagation material?

There are two options available. We can either source the seed from out network of collectors or we can accept your own seed, subject to it meeting our quality standards. We are registered seed collectors and can handle all the necessary paperwork.

Can I have my plants produced in peat free compost?

Almost all of our production is now carried out using peat free compost.

What is the minimum quantity?

There is no minimum quantity. However, the higher the volume the lower the price.

How traceable is your production process?

We can provide a complete audit trail through a plants complete life history from seed collection, to production, to delivery. Cheviot Trees are a registered supplier of Forest Reproductive Material and can provide all the relevant certification. As a reputable nursery we work closely with, and are regularly inspected by plant health authorities.

Remember, a contract grow produces the best for the plant and the best for the customer!

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