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Tubex Shelterguard Mesh for Shrubs

The Tubex Shelterguard material is manufactured by laminating a 12mm square netting with a thin translucent film lining. When the material is formed into a shelter it provides benefits such as herbicide protection and the enhanced microclimate offered by a solid shelter, which are desireable in the early years. After a controlled period of time the film layers degrade, allowing the tree/shrub to acclimatise from a greenhouse type environment to an open one.

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Tubex Shelterguard Mesh for Shrubs Prices
Qty  600mm (130-160mm dia.)
Part No. 066506
5,040+ POA
2,520+ £1.47
600+ £1.64
60+ £1.91
1+ £2.27

Features and benefits include:

  1. The Tubex Shelterguard material is often the preferred choice for visually sensitive sites due to the products ability to merge quietly into the background.
  2. Intermittent stitched weld down the length of the shelter, designed to allow water to drain out.
  3. Pre-fitted releaseable ties for quick installation and maintenance.
  4. Moulded thick top edge to help minimise wind abrasion as the plant exits the shelter
  5. Laser line designed to split to avoid strangulation as the plant grows.


Available in height of: 600mm

Diameters of 130-160mm packed in outers of 60.  

A stake is required to support the treeshelter. See our guide to select the correct size.

NB. Prices shown do not include VAT which should be added at current rate.  Sizes shown are approximate. Prices include delivery on full packs.  Carriage is charged on orders for less than a full pack.


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