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Cell Grown Plants in growing tray

Cheviot Trees are one of Europe’s largest and most experienced producers of cell grown trees.

Established for over 25 years, we grow a diverse range of trees, shrubs, conifers and wetland plants from a wide selection of seed sources.

Sectors that Cheviot Trees Serve

In addition, our comprehensive range of planting accessories and bioengineering products enables us to offer a complete supply package to the forestry, conservation, farming and landscape and amenity sectors.

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Our state of the art nursery in the Scottish Borders is a fully equipped commercial complex that has been designed specifically for the production of quality cell grown plants.

Our cell grown plants are grown under controlled conditions, initially in automatically ventilated greenhouses to optimise germination and early establishment. Thereafter stock is grown outside and is exposed to the bracing borders climate to ensure that plants are strong and well hardened off.

Plant Health

We are registered with the Forestry Commission as producers of FRM material and keep a comprehensive audit trail of information and records. These form an openly traceable system which a customer can ask to see and discuss. We also subscribe to the Scottish Government’s and UK’s plant health scheme and we adhere to all plant passporting guidelines.


"Quality is not an act, it is a habit"  AristotleAt Cheviot Trees we are constantly working to maintain our reputation of providing the highest quality products and services. Whether you are a current or potential valued customer of Cheviot Trees your requirements will always be dealt with promptly, considerately and courteously. No enquiry is too trivial or too much trouble to deal with.

All of our plants are grown according to the Guide to the Use and Specification of Cell Grown Trees and Shrubs (produced by the HTA Forestry Group 1995), and to British Standard 3936, the HTA National Plant Specification (rev. 1995) The quality of our cell grown trees is second to none, and their robustness and vigour enables plants to establish and survive strongly, even on the most difficult of planting sites.

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